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Avroy Shlain Cosmetics Avroy Shlain Cosmetics   Open in a new window
Avroy Shlain Cosmetics sells a wide range of quality cosmetics and fragrances for both men and women. These products are sold direct to the public through a network of sales agents. The company is constantly on the lookout for suitable agents to market their products and this is an ideal job opportunity for anyone who wants to earn money and incentives.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Clinique Clinique   Open in a new window
Clinique is a worldwide name associated with skincare. A wide product range is available from selected cosmetic outlets. There are skincare products for both women and men, and all products are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Almay Almay   Open in a new window
Almay has become well known in South Africa for offering a comprehensive range of cosmetic products for women who take pride in their appearance. All Almay products are specially formulated to be hypo-allergenic and will not irritate your skin.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Indigo Cosmetics Indigo Cosmetics   Open in a new window
Indigo Cosmetics are South African distributors of a number of famous brand cosmetics. Some of the cosmetic houses that Indigo represents are Rimmel, Cutex, Yardley, Lentheric and Adidas. The site has an online ordering system for the use of its wholesale customers.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Babor Cosmetics Babor Cosmetics   Open in a new window
Babor Cosmetics partners with trained health and skincare therapists to provide skincare solutions for home and salon. The main areas covered are face care, skin care and sun care. Babor also markets a line of cosmetics for men.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
African Extracts African Extracts   Open in a new window
African Extracts is a new skin-care house which markets product ranges made from local plants such as Rooibos or Red Bush. Rooibos is rich in antioxidants and is grown in the Cedarberg mountains of South Africa. The patented green tea method is used to extract and process these valuable natural products.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Cosmetix Cosmetix   Open in a new window
Cosmetix is a specialised distributor of a range of beauty products used mainly in salons. Among the brands offered are Carribean Tan, Jessica, Starnail, Cosmetic Bright and Cuccio Naturale.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Avon South Africa - The Company for Women Avon South Africa - The Company for Women   Open in a new window
Avon Cosmetics is one of the largest direct selling cosmetics organisations in the world. If you wish to buy Avon products, contact your local representative. You could supplement your income by selling Avon products part time. See this site for details. Avon beauty products are manufactured using only the finest ingredients and are not tested on animals.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Justine - Cosmetics Direct Justine - Cosmetics Direct   Open in a new window
Justine is a very well known name in the South African cosmetics industry. Our quality products are not found in stores, but are sold direct by trained consultants. See the special offers on the Justine website and call your nearest consultant if you wish to make a purchase. If you are looking for a job in the cosmetics field, Justine may have an opportunity for you.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Faithful to Nature - Everything Organic Faithful to Nature - Everything Organic   Open in a new window
Faithful to Nature is an online store which stocks a huge variety of organic and natural products. These include cosmetics, clothing, health products, gifts, baby toys, cleaning products and foods. Delivery service is quick. See the range and shop now.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem

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