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Total Total   Open in a new window
Total South Africa was established in 1954. It is the largest French investment in South Africa and is one of the major suppliers of fuel and petroleum products, with about 530 service stations. Total is also a partner in the Natref refinery.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Shell Shell   Open in a new window
Shell is an international group of energy and petrochemical companies. It operates in over 140 countries and employs approximately 112,000 people. The famous Shell symbol is known worldwide. Shell also explores for and produces oil and natural gas. Other activities include marketing, transport and trading of oil and gas; providing oil products for industrial use; generating electricity through wind and solar power; producing solar panels, petrochemicals used for plastics, coatings and detergents and developing technology for hydrogen-powered vehicles.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Sasol Sasol   Open in a new window
Sasol is involved in chemicals, fuels and gas. Their strength is in their structure. Sasol is a group of businesses working in harmony with the aim of creating something new and dynamic. Sasol operates globally, and can be considered to be one of the world's major players in the fuel and energy sphere.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Engen Engen   Open in a new window
Engen is one of the major fuel companies present in the South African market. The company is well-known as one of the leaders in the South African fuel industry. Engen operates a sophisticated refinery in Durban, and covers all sectors of the industry. It is a subsidiary of the Petronas group.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
Caltex Caltex   Open in a new window
Our company's goal, like other marketers, is to build relationships with our customers. At the core this means fuels and other energy products, certainly, but it also means supplying food, beverages and other every day supplies and services, freeing people to focus on the things that really matter to them.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem
BP BP   Open in a new window
BP South Africa offers a comprehensive range of fuel products to the South African market. The company controls a large number of service stations and retail shops all over the country, and is committed to human progress and respect for the environment.  -  Archives  -  Report Problem